Monday, 22 July 2013

Is it really that long?

Well it's been a very long time since I posted anything at all, but just can't believe it's actually THAT long, doesn't time fly when you're busy?

We're gearing up now for this year's Fibre-East, we'll start the physical set-up from this Thursday.  I don't think people realise just how long these things actually take to organise even a 2 day event; if it all comes together then 2014 looks likely to be an even bigger event if all the bits & pieces of the Border Agency can be sorted out. I'm pleased that I don't have to cope with all the bumf that's got to be sorted through, just do my bit with the budgeting was quite hard enough. I really do hope that we can get the working visas all sorted out though as it looks as though they will be really popular.

Not been doing much in the way of knitting in the last few weeks - it's been far too hot even in the evenings for me to knit especially as I've got a winter jumper that's otn at the moment. It only needs the second sleeve finishing plus the neck, but as it's top down I don't want all that warmth sitting in my lap when it's 20degrees in the evening. They reckon 34 deg today & having just put some washing out I can quite believe it, must be easily 40 deg in the sun.

The last piece of knitting I finished was my Revontuli/ Northern Lights shawl with which I'm very pleased, especially as it was handspun as well. I get a real sense of satisfaction from knitting with handspun especially. Now I'm spinning a merino/alpaca/yak mixture for a sweater for me - no good for HD as I'd have to be washing it every 5 minutes; I don't want to be doing that too much as it will probably have to be hand washed. Next spinning will be for the Guild challenge which is 'Beside the Sea' which I have the fluff to spin up for, so hope that I can make what I have in mind, if not I have a plan B.